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Romance of Flight

Whether on the ground or in the skies, the freedom of flight is something we celebrate here at Moose Peterson Aviation Photography. We work with our clients to visually shed earthly bounds permitting their aircraft static or airborne, to demonstrate what makes that aircraft unique while tugging on viewers heartstrings!

Restoration Documentation

Our team of skilled still and video photographers are well versed in persevering your restoration project no matter how big or small, or over years or days! We have worked closely with the best in the business and have become well known for telling the story of toil and passion that goes into bringing an aircraft back to life and flying once again!

Commercial Aviation

We are up for ANY commercial challenge! When it comes to dramatic images of pilots, planes or commercial facilities, our award winning team is here to help you tell your story and sell your services! We have the creative and technical expertise to get your message and product out in front of your customers flying more business through your doors.

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Recent Project Profiles

Father’s Day Fly-In

Flying is celebrated in many way, all the time, is small fields across the country. Known as fly-ins, these gatherings can be open to all in Sunday morning pancake breakfasts or closed big and small events. The whole purpose is for a bunch of like minded folks gathering celebrating the

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Air & Space Cover

The computer dinged signally an email hit the inbox. Minutes later I was sending one out to Chris, it was 16:45. But 17:30 we had scheduled an air-to-air photo mission to take the cover shot for Air & Space. I drove six hours to the plane. With a dream team

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Recent Blog Posts

The Travel Air 12W

Travel Air started out with legendary engineers Lloyd Stearman and Walter Beech. They had found success in their Travel Air 1200, 2000 and 4000. In

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The Elusive Air-to-Air

Gaining the elusive air-to-air photo mission seems to be the quest of every aviation photographer. The question is, how do you make it happen? My

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