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Romance of Flight

Whether on the ground or in the skies, the freedom of flight is something we celebrate here at Moose Peterson Aviation Photography. We work with our clients to visually shed earthly bounds permitting their aircraft static or airborne, to demonstrate what makes that aircraft unique while tugging on viewers heartstrings!

Restoration Documentation

Our team of skilled still and video photographers are well versed in persevering your restoration project no matter how big or small, or over years or days! We have worked closely with the best in the business and have become well known for telling the story of toil and passion that goes into bringing an aircraft back to life and flying once again!

Commercial Aviation

We are up for ANY commercial challenge! When it comes to dramatic images of pilots, planes or commercial facilities, our award winning team is here to help you tell your story and sell your services! We have the creative and technical expertise to get your message and product out in front of your customers flying more business through your doors.

The Talent Available to You!

  • Award Winning Still Photography
  • Award Winning Video Photography & Production
  • Brochure, Booklet & Book writing, Layout & Design
  • Video Post Production from the 7sec Short to 90min Documentary
  • Banner & Poster Design & Production, ANY size!
  • Challenge Coin & Patch Design & Delivery
  • Fastest Turn Around of Content in the Industry!

Recent Project Profiles

DC3 / C47 #43-48950

In 1943, C-47B 43-48950 came off the line and was immediately pressed into service. It flew the northern ferry route over to England as part of the famous IX Troop Carrier Command, 52nd Troop Carrier Wing, 315th Troop Carrier Group, 34th Troop Carrier Squadron. While 43-48950 arrived a couple of days late for the D-Day drop, it took part in nearly all the action of the 34th until well after the end of the war. It did it all from paratroop and glider action from Market Garden in Belgium to Operation Varsity at the Rhine. This included everything from food, clothing, medicine, gasoline, and ordinance equipment while evacuating wounded as an air ambulance. In December, it participated in

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The Magnificent Howard 500

The Howard 500 is an amazing aircraft and in its day, the executive jet to the rich and famous. Put into service in 1963, the Howard 500 is the pinnacle of radial engine pressurized business transport. Many WWII aircraft which could be obtained cheaply after the war like the DC-3 (C-47) were turned into executive sleds but they all lacked speed and “calm air” flight provided by a pressurized cabin. While many went about filling the hole of executive travel with remodeling older aircraft, the Howard 500 stepped out as being very unique. In the 1950’s, Dee Howard and his very talented mechanic Ed Swearingen started out their complete conversion of older bombers. While the Howard 500 bore

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Recent Blog Posts

Speed When Frozen

The Biggest challenge in aviation still photography is conveying motion, more importantly, speed! Aircraft, whether static or in the skies need to say these things

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Moose’s Famous Arse Shots

Aircraft are amazing machines capable of breaking earth’s gravity and soar in the heavens. Aircraft need four forces to fly, lift, thrust, drag, and weight. When

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In The Pilot Seat

The skill, art, and passion of the warbird pilot is a small and talented group. They’ve taken their craft to the next level in preserving

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