Aircraft are amazing machines capable of breaking earth’s gravity and soar in the heavens. Aircraft need four forces to fly, lift, thrust, drag, and weight. When on the ground, the way an aircraft is able to work with these four forces is best seen from the arse. And to make the arse not just a study in function and design, but art and sex appeal, skill is required in setting up the photograph.

The first and most important aspect is the elevation of the camera. Every plane is different in this regards, for example, this FM-2. Because of its high landing gear, the camera was higher than on the ground. The key is the symmetry between the front the horizontals and the wing. This was made a little easier when shooting the FM-2 because its wings are folded up (a carrier-based aircraft). Symmetry works back to front and left and right which means centering the camera is essential. After that, you add light and background and you have a Moose Arse shot!

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