The C-45 Expeditor is the military version of the famous Beechcraft Model 18. This particular one is a WWII vet having served in the Pacific. It can seat 6 to 11 comfortably which is why over 4500 were used by the military to transport troops and generals. It was produced from 1937 to 1969! It’s other rolls were as light transport, light bomber (for China), aircrew trainer, photo-reconnaissance, and “mother ship” for target drones.

In the early postwar era, the Beech 18 was the pre-eminent “business aircraft” and “feeder airliner”. Besides carrying passengers, its civilian uses have included aerial spraying, fish seeding, dry-ice cloud seeding, aerial firefighting, air-mail delivery, ambulance service, numerous movie productions, skydiving, freight, weapon- and drug-smuggling, engine testbed, skywriting, banner towing, and stunt aircraft. Many are now privately owned, around the world, with 240 in the U.S. still on the FAA Aircraft Registry.

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