This Boeing 40C ended its carrier as a passenger / mail carrier on the side of a mountain in Oregon. In Feb, 2008, Pemberton & Sons rolled out this classic and only example of a Boeing 40 after eight years and 18,000 hours of restoration! Today you can see it fly at the annual fly-in at WAAAM each Sept.

The Boeing 40 first flew in 1925 (pictured is a 1928 model). The Post Office wanted aircraft to replace the Jenny to move mail across the country. Boeing took it a step further by developing an aircraft that could carry four passengers. Sitting on wicker seats, they would spend up to three hours in their tiny seats (but with lots of leg room) as the pilot was outside in the elements flying them from point to point.

Boeing later said that if the Boeing 40 had not been a flying and business success, the Boeing Company would not be here today. While only eighty were manufactured, for years they were the standard for speed and comfort moving mail and passengers around the country.

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