Stearman 4e Speedmail

… Airmail began in 1919 flying DH-4s and a couple hundred pounds over just three routes. By the late 20’s, routes crossed the country with the goal being being faster and carrying more. Airmail once thought of as just a pipe dream had become a way of life for Americans. And the airmail pilot, he was somebody! Folks would fight over having feed them or spend the night in their home because they wanted to hear their stories. The allure and romance of being a pilot was born.

The Stearman 4E Speedmail was for many, the epitome of the airmail airplanes! It’s speed, weight carrying capacity along with stable flight made it the machine for the ages. This gorgeous Speedmail still flies the skies of the USA. Based out of Washington, it often is flown across the country to share the story of the past. 

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