Waco EQC-6

… Aviation in the 1930s turned from a romantic to more practical endeavor for many. Getting around faster could mean beating the competition along with increase productivity. A number of aviation manufactures went after this new business pushing aircraft design and comfort and more importantly, safety forward so the “average” businessmen could get ahead. Waco was one of those companies.

Beechcraft had introduced the very successful Staggerwing and the Howard DGA which Waco needed to respond to. Waco produced a number of Custom Cabins some in big numbers. One line came to be known in the antique aircraft community as the “C6”. One of them was the EQC like you see above, the EQC-6 based in Spokane Washington. Only 20 EQC-6 were produced and of those, only three remain flying today!

Along with the wing design, Waco’s C6 had the 20 spline 350HP super Charged Wright R760-E2 and Hamilton Standard 2B20 constant speed prop. This was 300lbs lighter than what Beechcraft and Howard was using. This along with the gorgeous form factor, while never selling the same number of aircraft as the Staggerwing, the EQC-6 remains an eloquent and amazing flying aircraft.

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