The computer dinged signally an email hit the inbox. Minutes later I was sending one out to Chris, it was 16:45. But 17:30 we had scheduled an air-to-air photo mission to take the cover shot for Air & Space. I drove six hours to the plane. With a dream team flying the two aircraft, we launched, flew for an hour, landed, I drove back to the office and that afternoon sent the images to the magazine.

It’s been sixteen years since Air & Space Magazine has featured a biplane/antique on its cover. I’m honored to have the photo that broke that really long streak! “Betsy” is a very special Waco QCF-2 and its owner, Chris brought this gorgeous piece of history back to the skies being named the Airplane of the Year. I feel very fortunate and honored to have a small part in bringing this story to light. You can learn more about Chris and Betsy here in the January 2020 issue of Air & Space. Congrats Chris … and Betsy too!

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