C-47 “That’s All Brother” captured by Z 9 / Z70-200f2.8

Had the good fortune to be at San Marcos Regional Airport at the CAF Hangar Saturday morning. Arrived long before the sun did, just sipping my coffee and taking in the ambiance that is an airport. My personal rule is simple, just show up! As the first hint of daylight popped on the horizon, I saw the first hint of the crazy clouds. I knew something cool was coming. I got out the Z 9 / Z70-200f2.8 and attached it to the Platyball on the Platypod and put the ring on the ground. A towered field, the long lens permitted me to shoot from the perimeter as I didn’t have permission yet to enter the towered field. I set the camera to 9k WB, underexposed -2/3, and then clicked away. The coffee that morning tasted particularly good as I watched the sunrise and work its magic creating perfect morning luck.

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