Addison the milling master captured by Z 9 / Z2105mc

Progress on the N3N-3 project is really cranking ahead! Pemberton & Son’s Aviation besides being incredibly talented has a great gang of volunteers that come in and help on their projects. Addison was created from the N3N-3 blueprints that attach point on the N3N-3 for a crane to lift it out of the water. From a scratch piece of sheet metal, he performed his magic manufacturing an exact factory copy. A luggage door and float attach point cover were also produced, finished and attached during the evening.

Firewire “plumbing” finished and wrapped up captured by Z 9 / Z14-24f2.8 & SB-5000

Started and completed since my last visit two weeks prior was the forty-plus feet of tubing ran through the fuselage. All of this tubing is hidden under the N3N-3 skin, we’ll never see it. It’s something Brent had never done before but looking at the end product, you’d never know it. All the angles and lines are perfectly aligned and parallel. All have been tested and hold pressure. It’s a basic part of an aircraft that’s critical but hidden but Brent made them a work of art. Very cool! mtc

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