Staggering D17S coming for a landing captured by Z 9 / 180-400VR

The annual Staggerwing Club meeting was a go again after the forced couple of years hiatus. It was going to be a giant event, that’s until the weather decided to get involved. The same weekend that saw thousands of commercial flights canceled kept half the aircraft from getting to Idaho for the one-of-a-kind flying. The two dozen aircraft that were able to make it and those they brought made it through one of the best flyins we’d ever attended! Part of the flying was held on a private grass strip where some of the aircraft flew out for the day. This is the host Staggerwing that lives on the field and was taken out of the hangar to give some folks rides. I took advantage of the opportunity and the thunderheads in the distance to produce some clicks. It was a great event and we can wait to be invited back next year!

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