Luscombe T8F captured by D5 / 14-24f2.8 w/SB-5000

We can bring “life” to our aircraft by visually speaking about those that take them into the skies. Even if there is no pilot, where pilot’s apply their skills, the cockpit, is a place most everyone understands is where they work. To do this, I take advantage of Nikon’s wireless flash technology. It has two significant advantages, the first is the SB-5000 is a small unit that can easily be placed in a cockpit without real hesitation from the plane owner. The other is that it is wireless so we can control, alter and fire it without cables. The Luscombe T8F was put on the ramp at sunrise to photograph for an article I did on the aircraft. Built as an observer aircraft, I wanted to call attention to that fact. At the same time, bring life to that fact. I simply placed the SB-5000 pointed up on the front seat with the 81a filter that comes with the SB-5000 attached. With the flash in Manual Mode, I changed the ratio until I liked what I saw. The great blessing of digital, instant results. And that was it, took seconds to do and the owner and editor both really loved the final image. This is why I always have the WR-R11a (for Z 9) with the SB-5000. Great tool for thinking inside the box.

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