Cessna U206F captured by Z 9 / Z400f4.5

Not that it’s like shooting fish in a barrel, but it sure do seem like it when all the elements fall into place. Lake Hood Aerodrome in Anchorage (PALH) is the busiest seaplane base in the US and as far as I am concerned, the finest place to spend an afternoon! When launching to the north in the afternoon with just the right clouds, it all lines up for some mighty fine shooting. Not that I know any of the pilots there anymore, I think a couple recognize me by how they would approach. Such as this shot where he hung just a tad longer before setting down on the water permitting me to have just fall color in the background and no buildings. The shutter speed was pretty fast, 1/80 and the Z 9 / Z400f4.5 were the perfect pair for the intimate portraits. If the rain shower hadn’t popped up, I’d probably still be there truly enjoying myself!

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