The NAS N3N-3 with all its metal & nose art painted captured by Z 9 / Z24-120 w/Profoto A10

It had been about 40 days since our last visit and Addison & Crew have been bustin with progress on the NAS N3N-3 project. The rudder is painted, installed and all wired. All the fuselage metal panels have been straightened and painted. The upper wing (wasn’t time to photograph it) is painted and has it’s stars & numbers. Even the nose art, the Pensacola NAS N3N-3 training ensigna, has been painted on both sides. At the same time, the cockpits have been completed with all the cabling waiting for the engine to be delivered and installed. Now the work begins to make ready to attach wings which is easier said then done. The first huge challenge is hangar space! The Goose is still flying for another week then it has to be winterized before it’s hangared for the winter. When that is done, hangar space opens up to start attaching wings. Oh, there is the small detail of the cowling which needs a ton of metal work prior to it receiving paint. The progress since complete tear down a year ago is so impressive and we were already talking about the choreography of the first A2A. This is going to be one sweet ride!!!

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