Addison on the details captured by Z 9 / Z24-120 w/Profoto A10 Click Octa
One thing when one is looking at an aircraft that can’t be seen are all the little details that go into flight. There is a ton of just little nuts and screws! When you take apart an already flying aircraft in the restoration process to make it airworthy, it’s actually more work than building an all-new aircraft. This is partly because the restoration has to honor the historic construction while bringing it up to current standards. Add to this the deep desire to make the plane look like it just came off the production line in 1942 and you have your work cut out for you!

Pemberton & Sons Aviation specializes in this challenge! The N3N-3 project has moved to fitting all the fuselage skins just behind the cowling. These all have to be fitted before the cowling work can begin. The challenge is making all the dzus not just fit but easily engage and disengage. There are a bunch on ever panel and having each one connect perfectly is very time consuming!

Addison on the details captured by Z 9 / Z24-120 w/Profoto A10 Click Octa

In this process you add the stress of working around brand-new, fresh paint! “Horsing” in a Dzus is not a good idea because if the dzus tool slips, back to the sandpaper and paint booth you go. This means working the small details so the dzus screws attach smoothly and a panel can go and off with relative ease.

On a photographic note, dealing with all the mix lighting in the hangar can be, exhausting! Not only that, it can lead to some really odd colors. Controlling that light is why there is a Profoto A10 on a SmallRig light stand. The A10 is shooting through the Click Octa to clean up the colors on the skin and at the same time, bring the eye to the subject first. There is no “break” period so I get one heckof a lot of steps in the four – five hours I’m at the hangar! The repositioning of the light so it is pointing the right direction is time comsuning as it has to be maneuvered around all teh aircraft, tools, benches and everything else you find in the hangar. The nuts are in the detail!

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