Kermit Week’s A-26B Invader 12.27.12 captured by D4 / 24-70f2.8

I was working on another project at AeroTrader, Chino, CA airport the same time doing some shooting with Kermit & Paul at Fantasy of Flight, FL. This back in 2010-12. Kermit asked since I was in the hangar to look at and photograph his A-26B that was in the back of the hangar. The A-26B Invader had taken a big hit in the hurricane and had to be brought back to life. Jake & I had a great morning crawling through and photographing this amazing time machine as are all of Kermit’s aircraft. The interior is just like it came out of the factory which included the turret gun in the back. I sent Kermit the images and that was the end of it. There were no immediate schedule to get back to work on the A-26B. I love getting involved in restoration projects and have come to learn that there is no short term project, not even close. Because of that I’ve had to make the painful call too many times that I simply can’t devote the time to a project and do the job right.

Well the A-26B Invader just made its 30 minute shake down flight two weeks ago. That’s eleven years from when the photograph above was taken. The video of the test flight is below which is very cool to watch. The amazing Steve Hinton is at the controls. When you get the hunger for working on a project, there are lots out there that could use your skill and passion. Just remember though, it just take time.

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