N3N-3 with Brent captured by Z 8 / Z70-200f2.8 w/Z1.4x

With over double digit hours in the sky, the N3N-3 project by Pemberton & Sons is literally flying along. Making its first flight on 23 May with Addison Pemberton as PIC, Brent Peterson SIC, the “Yellow Peril” has proven itself as an agil and really fun aircraft to fly. And while you might think with flight, it was done, you’d be wrong! The floats were delivered a week ago so now the process begins to finish bringing this rare bird back to how it was last flown by the Navy. How is this a rare aircraft since there are other N3N-3s flying. This was this aircrafts first civilian flight! It’s a time capsul not flying since last used by the Navy in the 40s! mtc

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