G-21 Goose @8s1 captured by Z 8 / Z400f4.5 w/Z1.4x

This past weekend planes were landing at Lake Mary Ronan seaplane base, MT for the third annual splashin. Sharon & I were treated to a grand time. First, when our ride to the splashin, Addison Pemberton & Son’s G-21 Goose landed at 8s1 Polson seaplane base and we saw as it taxied up that our son Brent was right seat. The Goose pulled up the ramp and the gathering began. Flying, friendship, and food seem to be the hallmark of splashins cause as soon as all had arrived, planes parked, and stories told, we sat down in the 94-degree clear blue skies to a marvelous dinner outside in the shade.

The next morning the props were turning as we all launched and flew up to Lake Mary Ronan to continue the flying, friendship, and of course, food. We have photographed the comings and going in years past from a pontoon boat and shore, but this year we tried something different. The Goose (with us aboard) was the first to land and last to launch so we could photograph all the arrivals and departures. And this year we did all our shooting from the top of the Goose (see below). I was shooting stills and Brent was shooting video through his magic with a drone.

It was simply a brilliant day and the photography (see small gallery below), other than the added challenge of shooting from a Goose that bobbed in the water, was marvelous. We all launched with plans made for the 4th annual Lake Mary Ronan splashin in 2024!

G-21 Goose @8s1 rest at Lake Mary Ronan seaplane base captured by Z 8 / Z400f4.5 w/Z1.4x/p>

Moose, Brent & Addison photo by Sharon Peterson

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