N3N-3 on floats captured by Z 9 / Z400f4.5

I unfolded myself out of the cub from the A2A with the N3N-3 onto a floating platform out in the lake. Sharon meet me there with my Think Tank Trailscape so I could swap out the Z70-200f2.8 from the A2A to the Z400f4.5. The maiden flight of the N3N-3 with floats now accomplished, it was time to finish FAA requirements for all the pilots to fly it. This meant three each, takeoffs and landings on the water. That’s why Addison had the dock towed out into the lake and, to get me close to the action for the shots. And close I was as Jay and Addison wanted the shots. The only flying N3N-3 on floats flying in the world at the time, I wanted YOU to feel the speed, splash and smell the water and the exhaust. This meant dragging that shutter to blur the background while delivering a tack sharp N3N. That meant solid panning! And that would have been easier if not a on floating platform bouncing on the water. I provided the smooth panning and Nikon took care of the bounce with the stabilizer in the Z 9. The viewer doesn’t know or see any of this. They just see the speed, feel the splash and enjoy the moment. Ah, the blessing of a successful day and photograph!
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