Brian captured by Z 8 / Z14-24f2.8

My pilot portrait project began almost a decade ago. He had a good head of steam going and a whole lot of portraits on the hard drive. Then the pandemic came and you can imagine what that did to the project. It took the steam out of my sails and put it on the back burner. Then one of the pilots I had photographed passed away. Then another had a severe accident and was sidelined. I was so glad I had started the project, regretted not staying diligent, and have gotten proactive with it again. There is no end game at this point, I just know that having a project helps me move the ball forward, stay engaged, and in the process, help my photography move forward. There are hundreds of projects you can find and start at any airfield. Think about it and get one started today. You’ll always thank yourself for that very long term project!

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