Cunningham-Hall PT-6 captured by Z 8 / Z50f1.2

I couldn’t miss it on the ramp, its bare metal shine sparkled in the afternoon light. It drew me right in. My imagination instantly went into overdrive, I started looking around for Indiana Jones being chased by some adversary. Then the Cunningham-Hall props turn as it begins to taxi and Indie chases it down the runway, jumping on the wing just as it breaks its tie with earth.

This 1928 aircraft is a gem and one I wanted to photograph thoroughly on the ground and more importantly, in the air. This static shot was taken prior to my getting nested in the Cessna 185 to do just that. We launched first, easier to meet up with the Cunningham-Hall in the air with our catching up to it. We circled overhead and I called out its movement from parking, to taxing to warm up area and then … no movement. It was not meant to be, the Cunningham-Hall had a brake issue in the right drum and it would be a quick fix. We still have a date with this gorgeous aircraft, I just have to be a little patient. I just love the new and different!

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