Kermit Week’s A-26 in 2012 captured by D4 / 18f2.8

I had no illusion but I sure had high hopes. Paul knew I would be in the restoration hangar where Kermit had his A-26. Damaged in the hurricane many years prior, it was kinda “pushed” to the back and on the back burner of restoration projects for Kermit. Kermit reached out to me and asked if I could document just what the A-26 looked like. He hadn’t seen it person for quite a while, I think it had fallen off his very large and active radar and was simply wanted to remember this magnificent aircraft. I said sure and spent the day crawling around and photographing it to my hearts content. Like every Kermit aircraft, the A-26 is like it just came from the factory. It is a time capsule for post WWII / Korea including guns, turrets, everything! After I was done, sent Kermit a Dvd of images and that was it. It hadn’t thought about it until last January when it took to the skies again after a decade. Would love to get in the skies with it but man, what a fun one day project!
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