Waco EQC-6 captured by Z 9 / Z600f4 TC

When I bought the Z600f4 my intent was using it just for critters. I can handhold it without any issue but just handholding compared to handholding and panning are two separate techniques. There is one aviation event I go to where a 600mm might be just the ticket. The thought crossed my mind months ago and that’s all I did about it. Then yesterday at the hangar the door opened and the Waco was pushed out. The skies were broken and the thought hit me, I should take the Z600f4 out and see if I can make it work. I knew the Z 9 / Z600f4 was up to the task, it was ME that I was really wondering about. On the first and even into the second pass, my keeper rate was my normal but then the third pass, it went into the dumper and after fifteen minutes, went to zero. The simple reason, my arm strength kept going down and down so holding the rig steady at 1/100 just wasn’t happening. That means I’ve gotta get back to the 10lbs weight and working out more with it as the season starts for me just around the corner. I’m so happy to now the rig worked, not so much about myself. I like knowing I can grow with new lens, old technique!

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