G-21 Turbo Goose captured by Z 9 / Z400f4.5

I know when the seaplane folks start bringing out their planes from their winter hangars when the dates show up for summer fun. The date, time, lake and planes that are coming fill the emails making me wish summer was already here. Splash-ins are so much fun and an incredibly target rich environment. Making the most of it though requires planning NOW and getting all your ducks in a row long before the props turn.

There are really two aspects to take into consideration, are you shooting from shore or the water? Both offer great opportunities and both require some forethought. One aspect of splash-ins that can be a challenge is, the location is not accessible by roads. Some of the great lakes are only accessible by float plane. This means if you’re going to attend, you need a ride. If you need a ride, can you shoot from only shore or water? Why is that info needed? If you’re only shooting from shore, you need a long lens, 400mm or greater. If you’re shooting from the water, a 70-200 does a great job. If you’re shooting from the shore, you’re not so worried about going for a swim with your gear. If you’re shooting from the water, your gear going blub, blub, blub is a big consideration.

With two splash-ins on the calendar already for the summer, the projects are in the works and planning hitting the paper. When those dates comes around, I’ll be eager to shoot as I’m already getting ready to get wet!

G-21 Goose captured by Z 9 / Z400f4.5

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