450 Stearman “Black Gold” captured by D6 / 70-200f4

Background, background, background, one of the key elements in any photograph especially in A2A photo missions. With spring right around the corner, some locales go crazy nuts with color you want to incorporate in your photographs. Not so much with warbirds, but antique aircraft like this 450 Stearman “Black Gold” is a great example. Ok, so you have a plane and you want a spring background, how do you plan for it? You’d be surprised how much landscape needs to be covered in color to make it work for an A2A. Well, you could talk to farmers, ag sprayers or ag suppliers but the best resource to finding colorful backgrounds are pilots! Pilots are amazing students of the planet and spend much of their time in the air looking back down at earth and all its wonders. I’ll let you in on a little secret. You can get even the most hesitant pilot to do an A2A if you say you want to put their plane in front of a colorful landscape. All you gotta do is talk to them and you’ll find your colorful fields and plane to put in front of them. You might have thought is was difficult, but it’s easy to plan for color.

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