Chris with his WWII Vet L-5 captured by Df / 24-70f2.8 & Profoto B1

Photographing Chris with his L-5 had been on the calendar for a month. His L-5, a WWII vet flying on Iwo Jima launching from an aircraft carrier on the first morning. I had flown a A2A photo mission months before, I now wanted more of the visual story. Based out of SoCal, I knew the background would be on the bland side. To make the background more interesting, timed it so the B-25 would be on the ramp. So Sharon & I arrived for the shoot and we had total gray sky heavy overcast. Argh! I didn’t want to light the L-5 and Chris etc but that was what I started to set up. The wind was gusting so one light stand required Sharon to sit on it and she still was almost carried away. The L-5 was bouncing pretty darn hard in the wind as well. Then, then the clouds which were blowing by quickly with the wind started to disappear from the horizon creating just a sliver of light. Then the wind laid down. I quickly changed up everything. We moved the L-5, took down one light and changed up the other to appear to be headlights from a vehicle. Just as the horizon lit up as you see, we went click. As the sweat pours out, the stress meter is pegging out, there are times when you’ve just gotta take a deep breath and go with the flo. You gotta take advantage of what your can’t plan for.

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