Hawker Hurricane MkXIIb captured by D5 / 24-70f2.8

You might have noticed, but photography takes a few pennies, and then a few more. Then when you add to that travel, lodging let alone finding the subject, it can be an outright challenge to make a click at times. Nothing gnaws at me more then to have projects reaching out to me and the calendar and the capital prevent me from taking advantage of the opportunities at hand. Such is the case at the moment with more than one opportunity calling me from across the pond with some iconic aircraft in historic context. It use to eat me up, today it lights my fire. What I’ve learned is it’s part of the photographic journey. There are times I know when I’m at my desk, there are great photos passing me by. Then there are times I have the subject square in the viewfinder. When there are projects calling and I can’t make it, it all works out as I’ve come to learn distance is a barrier.
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