F2G-2 “Super Corsair” #74 captured by D3x / 24-70f2.8

#74 had flown for the first time about four months before this photograph was taken. It had flown at the Reno Air Races as well. This day had been planned before all of this, date put on the calendar when the engine first turned over in Kindred, I was there photographing that as well. This day was set for #74’s first A2A photo mission over the skies of Mesa, AZ. In 1947 it won the Thompson Trophy and after which, it went into disrepair while in storage in OH. My mentor Bob Odegaard brought it back to airworthy and in the process included this very green aviation photographer along for the ride. He taught and passed along knowledge and a passion for aviation and history. Bob like #74 were most definitely one of a kind.
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