P-40e captured by D4s / 80-400

You’re at the hangar nice and early. The night before you assembled all the gear, went over all your notes, the excitement for tomorrows shoot grows. Then the pilots pull out their iPads and check the charts and weather. They might listen to the NOTAM. They stroll outside and look at the skies then turn to walk back in and you can tell by the look on their face, the mission is scrubbed. I know that look and disappointment all too well. We’ve had more scrubs then photo missions and that just goes with the territory. One I’m really biting at the bit to do is a pilot portrait as an A2A with a P-40. The portrait will be of the pilot at the stick flying the P-40. This photo of the P-40e almost got scrubbed for the same reason the last scrub for the pilot portrait was scrubbed, forest fires! Last Sept we were in place for the flight when we woke up to 0/0 skies. Smoke from the Canadian wildfires had completely socked in the skies. Nothing you can do about it and it wasn’t the first scrub for this photo mission. Working on dates to attempt the portrait this year (along with other missions scrubbed last fall). Thinking up or being asked to do a mission is part of the thrill of aviation photography but the good stuff, well can be a year and counting.

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