De Havilland DH-9 captured by D5 / 24-70f2.8

Duxford is a magical place! The history embodied in its field and hangars brings shivers to me now just thinking about being there. I was there for my second visit with my friends at Historic Aircraft Collection. On my first visit, they asked me to photograph their Hurricane which had just come out of restoration and paint. During this visit, I was there to photograph their Spitfire and Hurricane in the skies over the White Cliffs (photo mission got scrubbed for wx). When I walked in the hangar I was expecting to see those aircraft but instead, it was this gorgeous De Havilland DH-9, a rare, one-of-a-kind airworthy example. It would be revealed to the public in a few weeks. They wanted some photos for that event and I was more than happy to supply them. Though the hangar is of WWII vintage, it was the perfect backdrop for the DH-9. We parked it in front of it, closed the doors and then I waited for the sun to climb over to light the majority of the aircraft. Once this photo was taken we continued the portrait session pushing it up the slope to the grass and then back down again for a “family” portrait of the entire HAC fleet. It was a great couple of days and what I’ve come to enjoy from the Duxford surprise.

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