PT-19 Fairchild captured by Z 6II / Z105mc

When you see “PT” in an aircraft name from WWII, that means it was used as a Primary Trainer. The most famous is the PT-17 Stearman, a biplane. The PT-19 Fairchild seems to be missing its upper wing and that’s by design. One characteristic of the primary trainer was, it was for the most part a forgiving aircraft to someone learning to fly. This gorgeous example can be found at the Spirit of Tulsa Squadron along with their gorgeous PT-26. If you look closely at the PT-19 above, between the front and rear seat, you’ll see a funny looking appendage. We had fun guessing what it was doing structurally and why it was sticking up that way it is. We were at it for a good thirty minutes and had convinced ourselves we had the answer. Then the pilot walked up and upon hearing us said, “That head protection for when you landed upside down.” PT stand for primary trainer and with no upper wing, they needed something. It surely is the unlikely looking trainer.

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