F4F captured by D4 / 24-70f2.8

As we walked up to this “wreck” in 2013 at Osh, I instantly recoginized it was a F4F-3 Wildcat. That’s really rare, what we see are mostly FM-2s. Why it had barnacles on it though was a mystery so we walked up to the sign and began to read. We read it was one that never saw battle but was a trainer. It was ditched in Lake Michigan and was rescued from over 200 feet in 2012. Because it was in “fresh” water there was hope that some day, it would fly again. I instantly saw it was a great story, an incredible story, I saw a killer opportunity. It’s then I when into investigation mode which sadly lead me to the conclusion, it was going to be restored by incredibly talented folks way too far from my home base. But I am weird in that way, I see a plane that grabs my fancy even if a wreck covered in barnacles, I see opportunity. What ever happened to this Wildcat? Well, in 2021 it FLEW to Osh and was there for all to learn from this time capsule. Here’s it’s story, bloody amazing!

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