Cessna 170 captured by D4s / 80-400VR

The guy in the right seat, my dear friend Scottie, it was his birthday. The tradition was to have a flyin birthday party at Arron’s as was going on this day. The grass strip was filling up with aircraft, of all sorts, shapes, and types, it was so cool. The friends were gathering and the laughs filled the air. It was Sharon & my second or third time to be in Kansas for Scottie’s birthday so we knew what was coming. Before too long, Scottie had that look on his face, the “cat that just ate the bird” look which meant the flight had been set, time to go. He just pointed to the plane I was to get into and before you said a word, aircraft were launching for the sheer fun of flying and photography. The theme this time was Cessna classics, a fleet of 170s took to the sky and since most of the folks in attendance were Cessna test pilots and employees, it made a lot of sense. There is nothing more classic, more authentic than Cessnas flying over the Kansas landscape. It has been their home from their very start. An hour later we landed, food was ready, fire blazing, and debriefing from the flight could begin. Scottie and Cessnas, are hard to beat the classics. Good times, good time

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