Ford Trimotor captured by D4s / 24-70f2.8

The Ford Trimotor is such a fascinating piece of our aviation history. It was the first commercial aircraft built to just fly passengers. Not pressurized, the rough air at the low altitudes at times made for a rough ride. To lesson the discomfort it had a stewardess who served hot food and other comforts. It even had a restroom in the back (which emptied into the sky). I just love plane and when I saw it in Larry’s hangar, I was all over it. While it was airworthy, it rarely if ever flew. I even led a few tours of the plane on open house days but I never got in the sky with it. Then its carburetors had to be sent out and rebuilt, my window of opportunity came. Sharon & I drove down (you can see her looking out at me in the back) for the “maintenance” flight. I was in a T6 and we flew all around it getting the angles I wanted, an hour of sheer joy with this old legend in the sky. I will always treasure my time with the Ford Trimotor.
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