Supermarine Spitfire Mk XIV captured by D800 / 24-70f2.8

 If you’re into warbirds and/or WWII, you have heard the name Spitfire. What you normally don’t hear is MkVb or MkIXc or in this case, the MkXIV. The MkXIV was the most succesful model at bringing down the V-1 rockets either by shooting or more commonly, wing tipping (over 300). I knew none of that this morning, I just knew the plane was heavy, the ramp was a far ways off and the sun was rising. When you have hands on an aircraft, at least for me, you tend to look at the spot where you’re making a literal connection. Looking at the gun bays, I was wondering how they could take those two gun and train them on an opponent and shoot them down. That question took me across  the states and across the pond. It has taken me to spend time with Battle of Britian and D Day veterans Spitfires. It even took me to Australlia where they served taking on the Zero (an article I had published a while back). I had no idea that morning at Stead where it would take me, but this is what started the quest.

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