TBM & Corsair captured by D4s / 24-70f2.8

I was incredibly fortunate to work for and with the Texas Flying Legends Museum all those years it flew. It afforded me the opportunity to tell stories by recreating as best as we could events from WWII. #41 President Bush was a friend of TFLM and had signed one of the props of TFLM’s WWII vet TBM. This gave me the thought to do an article on #41’s famous Chichi Jima Mission. The mission was to take out the radar station on the island, a particularly dangerous mission, a number of crews had already been lost in the process. #41 made a successful run but took hits killing his crew and causing #41 to ditch his TBM in the sea. When I next meet with #41, I asked him what it was like taking off from the pitching deck of a carrier. It’s a treasured conversation I will never forget!
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