PBY Catalina captured by D4 / 80-400VR

To this day, I have no clue what it is about the PBY that grabbed my imagination as a kid. Now it was the Black Cat version that ignited it but at its core, it’s a PBY. At the time, there were only two airworthy, flying examples, one in England and one in the US. I worked and worked to gain access with the end goal of doing an A2A and article on the plane of my youth. I was “this” close, so close, and then, well, what happens in aviation, the house of cards came down. The owner of the plane had some misfortune, the plane was sold and then parked. While my desire for the PBY is as strong as ever, I’m no closer now than I was when I was a kid. And, this has happened more than once, twice, a handful of times, so often I actually have it as part of the business plan. It’s nothing personal, it’s just life, part of aviation life even if it’s so close, I could taste it!

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