4e Speedmail captured by Z 8 / Z24-120

All one needs to do is open Flightradar24 and we can see all the planes filing the skies now that summer is approaching. This opens the door to lots of fun if not great photography. Many pilots take their planes on short hops either to breakfast flyins on the weekend to simply celebrating the bluebird skies. How can you make this a photo opportunity? There are many options. The first is to talk with the folks at your local or photogenic FBO. They often know about special or unique flights coming in as pilots call ahead to make sure what they might need is available. Another is talking with the pilots you know. They can tell you if they or planes they know about are out flying. Lastly, you can simply head to the airport when the light is right and watch the sky. In this case, I knew the Speedmail was heading east, I watched it on Flightradar24 and when it landed at MSO, we were there waiting. It’s a great way to spend a day, celebrating with your camera the summer hops.
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