P-51D Mustang captured by D4 / 80-400VR

Getting air time with an aircraft is the greatest reward (and thrill) of building a relationship with a plane and its owner. This Cavalier P-51D is a gorgeous plane and one I had photographed for years. Tugged it out on the ramp to photograph on many occasions, set up some special shoots with other Mustangs, it was tremendous access to a killer plane. It’s one I soooo wanted to have a A2A photo mission with but it was never to be. Why? The Mustang had a long family heritage, once owned by the father who flew it alot. Other than maintaining it, for safety and emotional security, it didn’t fly especially for just “photographs”. And that’s OK, that’s the way it goes and I’ve run into it a couple of times over the years and I understand. I was very grateful for the time I had with it. You just need to be prepared for the times when it doesn’t always fly.
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