T6 with my dear friend Adam filming me captured by D4s / 80-400VR

The T6 is correctly called, the AT-6. AT stands for Advance Trainer, a WWII warbird designed to teach advanced flying techniques. Pilots from C-47 transports, P-51 Mustang fighters to B-17 bombers, and everything in between more often than not were checked out in the T-6 first. My first A2A photo mission I was in the rear seat of a T-6 and since then have logged over one hundred hours in them. I love them for a platform. Being very stable with plenty of room in the backseat to shoot, one of the nicest aspects of the T6 for photography comes to flying. They can slow way down for antiques and speed up for Mustangs. I even did one jet A2A from a T6. They have tons of room in the backseat which is so nice. The only aspect I warn folks about is camera cosmetics. Huh you say? Yeah, there are lots of little “edges” just dying to put a nick in your body or lens. But once you know that, they are easy to avoid. I have a shoot planned for next weekend in one and simply put, all the hours, let me count them all!

T6 captured by D4s / 80-400VR

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