Cessna A188B captured by Z 8 / Z135f1.8 Plena

The sun was racing towards the horizon, another great day on The Palouse coming to a close. We’d pulled over to take a couple of landscape shots (why we were on The Palouse) when an Ag Tractor 601 flew overhead. Crop Dusters are common on The Palouse with the hundreds of thousands of acres of wheat, chickpeas, and the other crops. It was in the pattern and landing at a strip near us. The thing was, we were in the middle of nowhere, the closest town twenty-plus miles away. We had bald skies, wasn’t going to be a grand sunset to shoot so I headed the direction where the plane was landing.

We pulled up to the field as Ryan was hoping out of the Ag Tractor. No, I didn’t know the pilot, didn’t know the field even. I was just following my usual approach to aviation, just show up. I walked up to Ryan with a big smile and hand out and soon after introductions and handing Ryan my business card, we had access to the field. Jamey, Ryan’s wife was very sweet and soon I knew all the planes and pilots on the field and learned about planes on another field a few miles away. It was simply a grand time! With camera in hand, we spent the remaining light shooting away. Then ….

Cessna 140 captured by Z 8 / Z135f1.8 Plena

here came Matt in the pattern in a gorgeous, shiny Cessna 140. He didn’t know anything about us, he’d been out flying on this gorgeous evening to fly. He was doing touch-and-go’s on the grass strip which made for at the very least perfect panning practice. I had the Z135f1.8 Plena on and no time to go get longer so I went for the gusto and lowered the shutter speed to 1/20. I just love the blur! When Matt finally landed and taxied to his hangar, we were there on one knee to get the shot. When he drove by he stopped to say and make introductions, “I’ve never landed to a kneeling crowd” he said with the biggest smile you can imagine. We talked for a bit and with darkness setting in, we were off. It just goes to show ya that just show up works everywhere, even in the middle of nowhere!

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