B-17 “Sentimental Journey” captured by D4 / 24-70f2.8

Now’s the time to be scouting those aircraft parked at airports that need some photographic love. One great resource is aviation museums based at an airport with access to the runways. More than likely they fly aircraft off their ramp. Being a museum, it gives you access to the ramp you otherwise possibly cannot gain and to aircraft you otherwise can’t get close too. And when you see those late afternoon thunderheads start to build, it’s time to head to those locals you’ve scouted for photo ops like you see here. It can be a race since these storms can damage aircraft as much as give them drama. The “trick” is to scout prior to the moment knowing where the aircraft will be and finding access to them for the shot. Keep in mind the time of day, the background and you will find more than you might expect. It’s a real simple photographic formula, clouds + planes = opportunity!

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