NAF N3N-3 captured by Z 9 / Z600f4TC handheld

After two years of shooting, two articles, and three covers one would think it’s time to move on with other projects. Life has taught me that what was new is instantly old once published meaning the process of creating new never ends. With projects I love like this N3N-3, I simply can’t get enough with it so I push myself to come up with new “angles” to cover its flight. At the Tanglefoot Splashin, the N3N was giving rides providing me with lots of possibilities. I went with the Z600f4TC to get in intimate with the N3N as it entered and exited the pattern, with each pass the background totally different. To push the envelope even more, I shot at 1/20 to blur the background to the fullest. As the owner said when he saw the photos, “You made it look like I was going 1000mph!” That’s why I keep on a project long after its logical conclusion, always building on the file.

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