C-45 Expeditor

As WWII spooled up, many civilian aircraft were adapted for military use. The C-45 Expeditor which is also known as a Beech 18 is one such aircraft. An aircraft meant for executive transport quickly found a role in the military as a transport. An aircraft that can comfortably hold 6-11 passengers, over 9000 of them were built between 1937 and 1969. Some say is was the world’s most widely used light aircraft. With a range of nearly 1200 miles cruising at over 200mph, it’s comfort made it a natural for which is was designed.

The US Army Air Corp ordered over 1300 C-45 with the majority of them delivered as the C-45F variant (7 seat transport). After WWII, the USAAF had 900 C-45Fs reconfigured with autopilot, R-985-AN-3 radial engines and other modes up until 1963. Some, like this particular aircraft were assigned to Strategic Air Command. There is no doubt the general flew in comfort in this aircraft back and forth from Colorado to Washington DC.

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