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Plane Portrait – Sept Fate

Plane Portrait – Sept Fate

It was one of those deals where the wife of the pilot of the plane talked with my wife wanting a Moose Peterson plane portrait of his plane for a BDay present. At the same time, I was to "come up with the idea" of taking their portrait as well. Sounds simple enough,...

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Air & Space Cover

Air & Space Cover

The computer dinged signally an email hit the inbox. Minutes later I was sending one out to Chris, it was 16:45. But 17:30 we had scheduled an air-to-air photo mission to take the cover shot for Air & Space. I drove six hours to the plane. With a dream team flying...

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Your aircraft back in the hangar and you want to enjoy it back at home? Seen an aircraft at an airshow that you want to bring home with you? How about the perfect present for the aviation lover in your life? Well, we have the solution for you, a Moose Peterson aviation print! Our gallery prints hang on the walls of museums, homes and hangars around the world (the biggest is 28′ x 18′) and we’d be honored if they were on your walls. Click here for more information and ordering. Every image you see here on the website and in our galleries you can click on above are available as prints.

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